Bread Day

Today was Bread Day at school!  The pastry students teamed up with the culinary students for bread lessons from 7AM-11AM.

We made:
Chinese Pork Buns

It was all out of the oven by 11.  We are so productive; it makes me want to cry sometimes.


Molten Lava Cake

Who can resist gooey chocolate?

It's a rhetorical question.

Homemade Sprinkles and decor

I've been meaning to make my own sprinkles for a while now.  I always find myself running out of the only color of sprinkles that I actually want and use.

After collecting many recipes on Pinterest, I finally decided to try the recipe from "What Will We Do Today?"


Birthday Cake

We've been learning all about cakes for the last 2 weeks at school.  Here are some pictures of my second Biscuit Savoie cake build.  In retrospect, I would make this cake less cluttered.  You live and learn.

Chocolate Biscuit Savoie (chocolate sponge cake) with Drambuie pastry syrup, Drambuie ganache, Italian meringue buttercream, writing chocolate, Drambuie truffles and a handmade marzipan rose.


Chocolate Ganache Tartlet

It's hopefully obvious that I love chocolate.  But just in case it isn't: