Doughnuts are Delicious

If you asked me a month ago what my favorite food was I probably would've listed a dozen items.  But doughnuts wouldn't have registered.  If you asked me now, doughnuts would totally make that list.  Making them yourself changes so many things.  


Fresh Baklava!

If there was ever a sweet that I couldn't stop eating...it's baklava.

It seems as though every region had its own take on this phyllo based pastry.  The best I've tried is this Egyptian version.  Sweet and buttery with a nice crunch!

Packaged and ready to go!


Things Pastry Chefs Get Excited About: Part 1

There are countless things that pastry chefs get excited about.  Things that really inspire them.

Thing 1:  New Bonbon Plaques

I just got my first bonbon mold in the mail a few days ago.  It's already been put to use.  I can't explain the feeling, but it's just so inspiring to see a perfect bonbon mold and how beautiful it's progeny will be.

Peanut Butter Bonbons: