Springtime Cake

It's amazing how happy cakes make people.  And I love making people happy.  Here's to spring and many more cakes.

Chocolate Sponge Cake with Grand Marnier Syrup, Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream and Ground Pistachios


Bostock: A Revelation

The best thing about pastry school is arguably trying foods I've never even heard of.  It's always a plus when the new taste sensations are utterly scrumptious.  Enter Bostock.

You may have heard of this sweet and delicious brioche application and are now wondering what planet I've been living on.  I'm wondering the same thing.  Bostock is a revelation.  It marries buttery brioche, orange and almond for one fantastic piece of fancy toast.


Brioche Lovin'

Pastry school has brought to my attention many applications for brioche.  And for that I am thankful.  Truly.

Below are photographs of regular brioche and brioche au chocolat.  Excuse the burns on my hands.  They are a side effect of baking.



Such a simple puff pastry application and so delicious.

The last photograph shows the caramelization that happens on the side of the cookie that is against the tray.  This is traditionally the "presentation" side.

Picture Pile-Up

I've got so many unshared pictures of food!  Gosh, what a problem to have.  Lots of baking has been going on over here.

I am still working on my baguette recipe.  The baking is the part I'm struggling with.  At school we have deck ovens (pizza ovens) which are amazing for baking baguette.  They come out with a beautiful French bake, dark and crusty all over.  Anyway, it's tougher in my home oven...much harder.  I'll be sharing the recipe soon.

As frustrating as it is to adjust to my home kitchen from professional kitchens, I enjoy the challenge.