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It seems that I have not posted here since September!  I didn't realize I'd neglected you so.  Don't worry.  I'm back with 2 restaurant reviews and 1 picture. Pathetic. I know.

Let me start with lunch.

For lunch I went to Elevation Burger.  As always, it was so good.  I had a hamburger and "Fresh Fries." Now, if you've never had the fries at Elevation, you're missing out.  They deep fry freshly cut potatoes in olive oil and believe me, they are far superior to any other french fries I've consumed.

What is unique about Elevation Burger is their dedication to serving food made with quality ingredients.  Their burgers are made from organic beef, all grass fed.  The quality of ingredients shines through in the taste.  The finished product is a thousand times better than any fast food place in America.  Don't forget to try their chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! Scrumptious.

Now, for dinner.

Unfortunately there are no pictures recording one of the most perfect meals I've ever had.  Really, it's a shame.  I went to Bistro Provence.

Here is the play by play.

You enter the restaurant to find a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.  I got a table near the open kitchen where the chef was working away.  It was really cool to have an interaction between creator and eater.  For Hors d'oeuvres were: Mussels in white wine sauce, chicken and foie gras sausage, lobster risotto with saffron and lobster purses. Pure decadence.  Each in its way was a beautiful symphony for the senses.

My entree was Branzino, scallops and mussels in a butter chervil sauce.  If you want to feel alive, try it.
It is safe to say that the scallops were the best I'd ever eaten.

Then there was dessert.  Very dark chocolate mousse with creme fraiche and cookie wafers.  A luxurious experience.  Each bite was in its way utterly flawless.

The whole experience was smashing, if I can afford it, I will go again and again.

I hope you try one of these places (hopefully they're in your area).

Fact of the Matter: Mumford and Sons are talking me through everything right now. 

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