A Tardy Texas Post

Way on back in May of 2016, a girl flew to meet a childhood friend in Dallas, Texas and together they returned to their native East Coast via automobile.  This is just one part of their story.  The food journey.

Most importantly, the girls visited Kate Weiser Chocolate in Trinity Groves an up-and-coming restaurant district in Dallas.  Kate Weiser's creations are perfect from foot to top.  The storefront is bustling, organized and a pleasant place to spend a few moments munching on bonbons.

The chocolates were vibrant, creative and as delicious as they were diverse.

I guess no trip to Texas is complete without a sampling of Torchy's Tacos.  Torchy's is the kind of institution that makes you wish you were from Texas.  A life without Torchy's street corn is a sad life indeed.

Another fun place to eat a quick meal is Bbbop Seoul Kitchen.  It's a cute place to build your own Korean style bowl.

Perhaps the most famous food-truck-town in the world: Austin does not disappoint.  You would be hard-pressed to find a better place to enjoy falafel on a hot day.  Props to Kebabalicious.

So, maybe Austin is actually a little overwhelming.  There is too much food to try.  Is that possible?

Mighty Cone was a definite food truck highlight.  Ah, Mighty Cone, you made me believe in fried avocado.

Texas, you have so much to offer.  I wish I could do more than scratch the surface.

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