English Speaking Spots in Paris, Part 2: Broken Biscuits

This post is the second installment of my "English Speaking Spots in Paris" series.

Broken Biscuits

I found Broken Biscuits one fateful day after visiting the Pere Lachaise cemetery.  The storefront is tiny and there is only space for 2 or 3 people to sit inside, so I almost passed it by. The shop is located in a passage with few or no cars, so there are usually two tables outside in the road where you can enjoy your delicious pastry and coffee.  Sitting at a tiny blue table with a cup of something warm and a lovely bite to eat in a cobbled alley with a view of a florist shop is altogether Parisian.  At least, the Paris that people from the New World dream about.

Cafe Creme and Cheesecake

The pastry case at this place is impressive.  In it you will find classic French offerings, re-done favorites, and even British inspired treats.  At the counter, a pile of golden madeleines will entice you while the friendly staff makes your coffee.

It is obvious that a huge amount of care goes into the food and drinks produced in Broken Biscuits.  So, treat yourself to a delicious and gorgeous experience there as soon as possible.


Eats range from 2-15

Drinks from 4-6

10 Passage Rochebrune, 75011 Paris

Metro: Rue St. Maur, Pere Lachaise

Monday/Tuesday: Closed


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