Food Swap: What to Eat/What Not to Eat

One may get the impression from this blog that I eat 2 things: sugar and pancakes.
I do eat those things, of course.  However, I am a firm believer in balanced diets, real food, portion control and exercise.  

I drink non-homogenized whole milk, which is the closest I can get to raw milk.  I eat peanut butter made of just peanuts.  I munch on fruit and unprocessed cheeses.  I run a few times a week and do simple exercises while watching TV.

It's probably fairly obvious that I love this book:


All of this is to introduce something I hope to occasionally write about on this blog.  It'll be about how my diet has changed since I first became interested in nutrition.  


Spoonful of Nutella for a spoonful of Peanut butter + a drop of honey

Oh, jar of Nutella *sniff* you're so beautiful.  
But let's be honest, peanut butter is cheaper.


Store bought for homemade

This goes for everything.  But I'll be specific.  

Special occasion cinnamon rolls for breakfast are great.  Take the time to make them yourself and sneak whole grains into your recipes whenever you can.

Another good substitute for Nutella is homemade chocolate almond butter.

Anything you'd like to see posted about?  How to make your favorite foods healthier?  Want some new recipes?  Leave me a comment.


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