DMV Food Adventures

Exploring the world through food and drink never gets old.  There is so much one can learn through a community's food.

I support the Virginia and Washington, D.C. food scene whenever I get the chance.  It is growing and improving every day.  Love your local kitchens; patronize them and help them stay in business!

1. Bakeshop, VA

A great place for sweets, coffee and catching up with a friend.

The house-made Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a MUST.

Bakeshop, VA

2. South Block, VA

Healthy breakfast, lunch and snack.  South Block is juicing company gone cafe.

Try their wraps or on-tap kombucha.
South Block, VA
 3. Souk, DC

The cutest spice shop and bakery Barrack's Row ever did see.

Probably the only place I have encountered canneles in recent history.
Souk, DC
 4. Gypsy Soul, VA

Great small plates of local, fresh food,

The Tuna tartare is clean and simple, not to mention lovely to look at.
Gypsy Soul, VA
 5. Bearnaise, DC

French cuisine in a cute building.  Eat upstairs if you can for a quieter dining experience.

Don't miss the well-priced Steak Frites.  I can still taste this perfectly seasoned steak...
Bearnaise, DC
 6. Dolcezza, DC

Gelato made in the nation's capital?  Perfection.

Try all of the flavors.
Dolcezza, VA and DC
 7.  District Doughnut, DC

If you know me, you know I love this place.  I dream about these doughnuts and all my friends ever hear about is my lastest trip to District Doughnut.

I'm partial to yeast doughnuts, but you can't go wrong here.
District Doughnut, DC
 8. Rocklands, VA

The best BBQ house in Northern Virginia.

Don't forget the barbecue sauce, piping hot out of a kettle.
Rocklands, VA

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