Bagels in Paris

It's not exactly that I was craving a bagel.  I was walking in Paris, alone, hungry, and with half an hour to kill.  The air around me was viciously cold; I could feel it clamping it's jaws into my core.


With the desire for a quick, inexpensive meal, and shelter from the cold, I ducked into Bagelstein in Le Marais.  Bagelstein is a French chain with the quirkiness of every French chain with American influence.  I had a simple poppy seed bagel with cream cheese.  The bagel just tasted like American bread, not awful, but not a bagel either.

bready bagel

After consuming this non-bagel, I was talking with a friend with lots of Parisian experience and she suggested that I try Bagels & Brownies.  The next day I ventured to Rue Notre Dame des Champs with my boyfriend to see what we thought.

At Bagels & Brownies, each bagel sandwich is named for a city in the United States.  I opted for the Phoenix and a brownie to go with it.  Of course, I trusted my dear friend's recommendation, even so, I was pleasantly surprised by this little shop's offerings.  My bagel had nice texture, the tomatoes and avocados added a hint of freshness, and the mustard brought the sandwich together perfectly.

Phoenix bagel at Jardin du Luxembourg

Brownie "marquise"

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