Ceci et Cela

Since arriving in Paris, I've absorbed lots of things. From the downright humorous to the mildly amusing, interesting to unlikely.

Eventually, I will take photos with my DSLR, I promise.  The iPhone photos aren't forever.

But, this post will be a peek into my life here through random pictures.  If you aren't into non-professional photos, consider yourself warned.

I've made it one of my missions, while here in France, to try as much of the cheap chocolate readily available in supermarkets as possible and to report back on how it differs from American offerings.  Milka and Côte d'Or are what I've tried thus far.  These two options are under €2.  Côte d'Or is a Belgian brand owned by Mondelēz. My first purchase was their "L'Original Noir" which is one of the most sugary "dark" chocolates I've ever tasted.  The tablets are difficult to break and overall too big.  In terms of taste, design and quality I wouldn't give this one a high rating.  The Milka "Triple" bar had a bit more going for it.  The tablets are the right size and in each row there is a different filling, three total, thus "Triple."  At least I can say that this one was fun to eat.  

I have only spotted a few American candy bars around.  Yesterday, on the RER, I was next to an older, very thin French woman munching on a Twix bar.  I'm wondering if this woman has cornered the market, because I have not seen a solitary Twix bar in any store or vending machine.  It's also possible that I am not looking hard enough, because honestly, I don't care.  I'm in Paris.  Why would I want American candy?

This gateau was leftover from New Year's Eve and came from a supermarket.  It was a fairly decent strawberry mousse confection.  The gateau itself is not particularly notable, but there is a small story behind it that I find amusing.  

My host kids are in the habit of TURNING DOWN CAKE for dessert and asking instead for cheese or a banana.  

Upon further reflection, I actually totally get the whole cheese thing.

They sell this book at the Palais Garnier gift shop and I want a copy.

Some people I've taken tea with *cough* take a lot of sugar in their tea, 3-5 lumps.  Also, note how adorable the sugar packets are here.  I've seen all sorts of cute designs and rectangular prisms.  Too bad  I never actually use them...   

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