Simple Fruit Smoothie

So today we have the lovely, simple, delicious, very healthy fruit smoothie.

I am adding some nutrition information to this post and if I have times in the future, I will add it to most recipes.  Hope it is helpful!

Nutrition Information: 

Calories: 142
Protein: 19.6667% of your daily value
Fiber: 6.6667% of your daily value
Vitamin C: 47% of your daily value
Vitamin K: 21% of your daily value
Potassium: 4% of your daily value

You'll Need:

- 1/3 cup of Blueberries (preferably frozen)
- 10 grapes (give or take)
- 1/4 cup of 100% juice of any kind
- 1/2 container of fat free Greek yogurt (about 1/3 cup)
- 1-2 ice cubes if desired
- Oh, and of course you'll need to bust out your blender.


Measure out your blueberries and grapes.  Throw 'em in the blender.


Scoop out the yogurt and park it in the blender...my ancient blender...


Do the same with the juice.  And the ice.


Give it a good whirl.


Drink it up.

Fact of the matter: I'm addicted to the song "Tonight Tonight."

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