It's What's for Lunch: Open Faced Toasted Sandwich

I'm really into these toasted open-faced sandwich things, ever since my sister started making them.  I mean I don't usually think of lunch as an exciting/good tasting meal, but this really is good!

You'll Need:
- 1 piece of bread (any variety, I use sourdough)
- grated Parmesan cheese
- a few cherry tomatoes, or 1 regular one
- sliced turkey, as much as you want
- dried oregano or Italian seasoning
- olive oil
- red wine vinegar (optional)
- toaster oven


Get out your piece of bread and sprinkle it with Parmesan.


Get out your tomatoes and slice them.  Arrange them over the bread.


Add your seasoning.


Put on the turkey (or other lunch meat) and sprinkle with a bit more cheese.


Toast on 300 (F) for 5 minutes.


Put on a little olive oil, and/or red wine vinegar.  Consume.

Fact of the Matter: Every time I try to type "fifth" it comes out, "fifith"

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