Charlotte, NC: I'll Return to You

My first visit to Charlotte, North Carolina was a success as expected.  Nothing compares to a road trip.  Nothing compares to a road trip in North Carolina.  Nothing compares to a road trip in North Carolina with lots of good food and people who love you and you love back.

Not only is there much more to see and eat, there are more memories to be made.  I anticipate my return with excitement.  I've already got a few more restaurants and pastry shops to visit when I make my way down to the Land of the Pines again.  Getting to know a city through its food is like playing a game of telephone, along the way you hear about or see even more irresistible places than you bargained for and definitely more than you can handle in one visit.

I'm looking forward to trying out Bang Bang Burgers, which I found by way of Sunflour Baking Company.  Isn't their design awesome?  I have high hopes that they are the Elevation Burger of Charlotte.  My local loyalties may be put to the test.

At 20 Degrees Chocolates, the chocolatier recommended Renaissance Patisserie as the most authentic French bakery in town.  You best believe I'll be stopping by next time I'm near.

Next door to Petit Philippe we found littleSpoon, a breakfast and lunch place that uses locally sourced ingredients and was cute as can be.     

Returning to Charlotte will be just as exciting as my first experience, no doubt about it.


  1. Hurry back. Hurry back. HURRY BACK!

    1. Already trying to figure a few days off to visit.