Tomato Pie

I've had tomato pie once or twice before making it a few days ago.  One of our dear family friends, Mrs. Q,  is an absolute natural in the kitchen and an expert in southern cooking.  My father, the avid vegetable gardener is a lover of tomatoes.  He grows tomatoes.  Mrs. Q can make tomato pie.  Suffice it to say I've had some pretty darn good tomato pie between dad and Mrs. Q.

Recently, a friend and co-worker of mine introduced me to the work of Chef Vivian Howard through her PBS program A Chef's Life.  While binge-watching this wonderful show I couldn't stop thinking about the tomato episode in which Chef Vivian makes tomato pie.

The point is: I made tomato pies.  With heirloom tomatoes from my dad's garden.

All you really need is a pie shell, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper and some homemade mayo mixed with your favorite cheeses.

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