I Love Doughnuts

Just in case it wasn't evident, I love doughnuts.  This is an important thing to know if you know me.  I will take any opportunity to pack my friends into the car and head to a local doughnut shop.  Really.  ANY reason.  Like if your doughnut shop is open late for a special reason or because it's Monday, or because I want a doughnut.

Clearly, I am delighted by the fact the the DC Metro area has an increasing number of doughnut shops.  Today I've got pictures from 2 of my favorite spots:  Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken and District Doughnut.  

Maple Bacon Doughnut, Astro

Maple Bacon and Nutella, Astro

Maple Bacon, again.

Apple Strudel, Maple Pecan, Chocolate Crunch, District 

Chocolate Creme Brulee, District

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