The Leftover Dough Solution: Turnovers

I made a tart on Saturday and had a little leftover pastry dough.  What a nightmare!

It ended up working out because there was enough to make a fresh raspberry turnover for mid-morning snack.  It's easy as pie-well, turnover- to make and yummy, too.

Try Martha Stewart's tart shell recipe for this.

The filling was
-3 T frozen raspberries (mashed)
-1 tsp. honey
-2 tsp granulated sugar

I cranked the oven up to 375(F) and baked it for round about 15 minutes, until it was golden-brown.
Beat up an egg with a few drops of water and brush the pastry before putting it in the oven if you want a nice shine.  Then sprinkle some sanding sugar.

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